What are traits of Sodapop  and Cherry?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cherry Valance - She 16 years old, red-headed (hence, the switch of her name from Sherri to "Cherry") and since she is a Soc cheerleader we can assume that she has looks, and is popular. She is always described as "classy"  and "well-dressed" and "good looking by Ponyboy. She also seems to have a tendency to fall in love with the "bad boy" greasers. She appears to be simplistic: The fact that she is a Soc doesn't go over her head and she seems satisfied with the same things Ponyboy likes, such as the movies, sunsets, and simple pleasures of the kind.

Sodapop Curtis-Is the middle child of all three Curtis boys, which leaves him with the "middle child" attention getting syndrome. He is handsome naturally, seems to have good luck with the girls and is Sandy's boyfriend. He is a high school drop out, not academic at all and works. He loves his brothers, but he is in a hard position when they ask him to take sides. Being the middle child is no easy task since their family is mainly dysfunctional.