What tactics were used by the astrologer to earn his wages?  

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The astrologer did not consider himself an authentic astrologer. He was not a man who could really read the stars and fortunes of his clients. He had run away from his homeland and now he had to pretend to be an astrologer to make a living. In order to earn his money, he would have his clients sit down and begin talking. He allowed them to talk for ten minutes. By this time, they had told him enough information until he seemed to really be able to read their fortunes.

The astrologer used such a tactic to gather information from his clients. He would withdraw details from his clients. By the time they had talked to him for ten minutes or more, he had more than enough information to go on. The more the client talked, the more information the astrologer had to appear to predict his or her future.

Truly, the astrologer seemed to be for real. He had all the charts and fortune telling props that helped him appear to be an authentic astrologer. By the end of the day, he had gathered information from each client which provided him with details which made him appear to be a true astrologer. His common sense approach helped him gather the information he needed to appear to be for real. He knew which questions to ask:

He has a practical knowledge of the common problems of most people: “marriage, money, and the tangles of human ties.” His sharp eyes, used to scanning for customers, make people believe he has an unusual ability to tell people's fortunes.

Day after day, the astrologer managed to earn a living by telling his clients what they wanted to hear.

penemra | Student

The astrologer's work usually was based in a long experience and shrewd guesswork. He used to let the person use to talk for a while and then speek up after having enough knowledge about his problem.