What tactics does Abigail try on John Proctor to win him over? What does she reveal to him about what happened in the woods?

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Abigail is still in love with Proctor, and uses his attraction for her to try to win his favor yet again.  She reminds him of their affair and meets with him alone behind one of the settlement buildings, going so far as to make an advance at him again, which Proctor refuses.

Abigail then reveals to Proctor that in the woods her and the other girls were merely "sportin", dancing, which Proctor finds amusing at the time and brings this admission up later in Puritan court, only to have Abigail deny it.

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In the play "The Crucible" Abigail is such an evil little vixen.  She had been flirting with John and later had the affair with him.  When he tries to end it, she tries to degrade his relationship with his wife. Abigail can not accept that John no longer wants her.  She tells him that he has come to her window.  She wants him to know that she will wait for him.

When John continues to defend Elizabeth, his wife, Abigail lies saying that Elizabeth has been telling stories about her throughout the town. 

Later Abigail begins to realize the power of the word and superstition.  She makes up a story that Elizabeth Proctor had put pins into a doll to practice voodoo on her.  She says that the woman has vexed her.  Elizabeth is arrested and brought before a council.  Abigail has by then solicited the help of her female friends who are relishing in the attention of the "witch hunt" and also too afraid to deny Abigail.