What tactics did the wealthy elite/rich rulers adopt to prevent another Bacon's Rebellion?

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To prevent another Bacon's Rebellion, the elite in colonial Virginia attempted to control the landless whites who had instigated the revolt. One of the grievances of this class was that they were not allowed to spread west and take over Native Americans' land. In the aftermath of the rebellion, the policy against taking over Natives Americans' land was relaxed, and the Native Americans began to lose their lands to restive white settlers.

In addition, the planters decided to get rid of white indentured servants over time and to institute a harsher racial slave code. In other words, they decided to institute a color line to make whites free (though, in many cases, still poor) and to make blacks slaves. The color line served to convince poor whites they had been co-opted into the power structure of the colony; although, in actuality, they were really not part of this structure. In addition, the new harsh slave laws were intended to prevent future revolts.

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Following Bacon's Rebellion, changes needed to be made in Virginia to ensure this situation did not arise again. The Virginia leadership after Bacon's Rebellion first adopted a tougher policy in dealing with Native Americans, as this was a motivating factor for the rebellion. The rebellion also led to a consolidation of power by Virginia's elites, particularly those who had lived in the colony for longer periods of time, and those who had gained the favor of the British crown.

There was also a more long-term effect of Bacon's Rebellion. Following Bacon's Rebellion, Virginia's elite sought out more African slaves, as they were believed to be easier to control. This led to a decline in white immigration from England, and an increased population of African slaves. The result was a new bond that began to form between poor whites and elite whites over their shared race. This would help to forge the system of racial divide that would impact the South for centuries to come.

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