What tactics could customer service representatives use to help relieve stress?

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Frontline staff, such as customer service representatives, deal with many stressful situations. Learning how to find relief from stress is important for an individual's health and well-being. One stress relieving technique is for the individual to do Yoga-type exercises at his or her desk. There are many stretches that can be done from a chair that are relaxing. Stress objects are small rubbery shapes that can be squeezed by a person. They are small enough to fit in a person's hand. Some types bounce, which is a bonus. Keeping one or two favorites in arm's reach can be beneficial.  The area in which a customer service worker spends most of his or her time should have a calm focus object. The object can be a painting or even a symbol that enables a person to meditate and use to focus on moving thoughts away from the stress.

Some suggestions shared by the Alexander Communications Group, a firm that employs many customer service representatives, are as follows:

  • Make a list of the things that cause stress
  • Try not to be a complainer
  • Identify that things are going to occur that one can't change
  • Write an action plan on ways to address the stress
  • Manage one's time
  • Get rid of extra clutter in one's surroundings
  • Understand the expectations of the company or firm
  • Practice breathing and physical relaxation
  • Find things to laugh about, injecting humor into the day
  • Participate in physical exercise