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What is a Table D Hote Menu and give an example Homework Help

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"Table d hote" is a French title for one approach to the process of designing menus for a restaurant. The phrase literally translates to mean "host's table" and refers to the practice of providing a limited number of standardized meals. Guests coming to a restaurant for a table d hote meal will be served whatever the restaurant has already determined will be the entree and other courses for that meal. They will probably not be able to order substitutions for any of the items on the menu for the meal.

For the restaurant, the table d hote philosophy of service simplifies food preparation by reducing the number of dishes that need to be prepared at one time. Because the food to be served is predetermined, table settings with the appropriate cutlery can be set ahead of time. Because there are no substitutions to the meal, the pricing is also established ahead of time and can frequently give the guest a good meal for a very reasonable price.

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Table d'hôte (French pronunciation: ​[tablə.dot]; lit. "table of the host") is a restaurant terminology. Table d’ hôte is a French word which means food from the hosts’ table. A table d’ hôte menu offers a complete meal at a fixed price for the guests no matter how much food has been consumed.

When food on a menu is table d’hˆote, meaning “table of the host,” it is listed as a full-course meal and is priced as a unit, which may include rolls or other bread, soup or salad, meat/fish/seafood, potato or other starch, and vegetable for one price. The dessert is usually `a la carte. Most menus contain an assortment of foods in both `a la carte and table d’hˆote listings.

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