What is T. S. Eliot's definition of culture?What is T. S. Eliot's definition of culture?

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The title implies that Eliot is working towards a definition of culture and that his effort is still a tentative and not a definite one. As in Eliot's poetry after his conversion, Christianity plays a big role in his definition of culture. It is the basis from which Western culture originates and, because of that, Eliot is particularly concerned that contemporary society is increasingly becoming secularized and is shying away from religion. On the contrary, Eliot thinks that there can be no culture without Christianity and that society should preserve its class structure and its cultural élites. A self-confessed elitist, Eliot warned against equal opportunities reform in education as they challenged the existence of cultural élites.  

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But what is exactly is culture? Would it be: Culture is the experience gained from the social context in which the individual is set within? I am not quite sure if I am grasping the right definition. In one or two sentences, culture is...?

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