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boblawrence eNotes educator| Certified Educator

“T-Letters” are used in applying for a job.  They are a substitute for the standard cover letter that you might include with your resume.  The “T-Letter” has a brief introductory paragraph, a special body (see below) and a concluding paragraph.

The body of the “T-Letter” contains a left-hand column listing the job requirements.  In the right-hand column are your qualifications for each of the requirements.

The introductory and concluding paragraphs are the same as you would use in a standard cover letter.

To write a “T-Letter” you will need to break down the job requirements into short phrases or categories.  To do this you will need to use information in the job posting about the job requirements, plus add general items based on your understanding of the industry/business involved.  There is some danger here, inasmuch as you may presume something about the job requirements that is inaccurate.  The best policy is as follows, “when in doubt, leave it out”.

Experienced job applicants feel that a well-written “T-Letter” is more effective than a standard resume cover letter.

The reference is excellent, and provides detailed instructions and examples to help you write a superior “T-Letter”.