What is syntax?

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Syntax involves rules of language and how words and phrases are put together to form sentences.  For example, in a normal English sentence, the order in which the parts of speech are written is a fairly uniform structure.  Ordinarily, the subject of the sentence comes before the verb.  An article like, "the", "a", and "an" come before a noun.  By having a set structure, communicating ideas becomes easier because everyone is use to that format in reading and writing a language.  It is an orderly way to arrange words and phrases to communicate meaning.  

A famous character who goes against the rules of syntax is Yoda from Star Wars.  A lot of the time he mixes up the conventional word order of the English language.  

Here are some famous Yoda-isms that mix up the syntax of the English language:

"Much to learn you still have."

"Anger, gear, aggression; the dark side of the Force they are."

"When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not."

from "Why so strangely Yoda Speaks" by James Harbeck