What is Syme's role in the book 1984 by George Orwell?

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Syme is a minor character in the story and an Outer Party member, who works at the Research Department and is one of Winston's "friends." Syme is portrayed as an intelligent philologist, who is considered a specialist in Newspeak and is currently working on the eleventh and final edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. Syme is described as being "venomously orthodox" and goes out of his way to harshly criticize Big Brother's enemies.

Despite Syme's ability to practice doublethink and his strong support of Big Brother, Winston predicts that he will be vaporized by the Party for being too smart and outspoken. Winston's prediction is proven correct when he eventually discovers that Syme has vanished from work.

Even though Syme is a minor character, his role emphasizes the cruel, calculating measures the Party takes to ensure its stability and prevent political dissidents from existing in their oppressive society. Syme's fate also foreshadows Winston's fate at the end of the story, even though Winston is not vaporized. The audience realizes that if an intelligent, loyal Party member can be vaporized, Winston does not stand a chance of living as an independent, free-thinking individual in Oceania.

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Syme is a friend and colleague of the protagonist Winston in 1984 by George Orwell. He is an expert in Newspeak and is employed in the Records Department. He is an expert philologist and is working on the Eleventh Edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. Although Winston does not like him, he appreciates his intelligence.

Syme is a fairly minor character in the novel but nonetheless serves as an important foil to Winston and illuminates an important aspect of the society of 1984. Unlike Winston, Syme is an enthusiastic and loyal party member, avid and vocal in his patriotism. Despite this, Winston predicts, correctly, that he will be vaporized, because he is simply too smart and too vocal. Thus the character of Syme shows that the Party relies on its citizens being dull, numb, and complacent, and that all intelligence and initiative, even if completely devoted to the cause of the Party, must be suppressed for a totalitarian society to survive. 

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