Sophie's Choice Questions and Answers
by William Styron

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Identify a symbol of significance that is in Sophie's Choice.

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One symbol in Sophie's Choice is the classical music that the titular Sophie plays in her neighborhood.

After surviving Auschwitz, having to choose which of her two children would be put in the gas chamber, losing her son afterward, and mourning the deaths of her husband and father to the Nazis, Sophie came to America and lived in New York. She was in an abusive relationship with Nathan. Mostly their lives were bleak and hopeless; Sophie was unable to move beyond the brutality of her past. However, classical music is one positive thing that Sophie did for herself.

The music represents hope. It's a symbol of something better in a bad world. The world Sophie and Nathan inhabit might be terrible, but the music is not terrible. Played loud enough, it can be...

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maddiexkayy | Student

Thank you so much! This has helped me understand and relate her tattoo to more things throughout the novel. Is there any nature like symbols in this novel though? My group and I have been discussing this.