What are some symbols in A River Sutra?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most important symbols in this collection of stories is of course the Narmada River. This is shown to stand for love in this text, and highlights the emphasis that is placed on love in each of the stories that is told. Consider the way that the Narmada River is described as a lover who is flowing out to be united with her bridegroom, the Lord of the Oceans. Each story focuses on this symbol in a different way, exploring the theme of love through many different kinds of relationships such as the monk's love for the natural world or Master Mohan's purity of love towards the boy who sings so beautifully. 

In all stories the symbol of the river as refering to love is echoed and taken up again and again, and this clearly establishes the river as this text's most important symbol because of the way it focuses the reader on the most important theme. 

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