What are some symbols in the novel A Dry White Season?Symbolism

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The title itself, A Dry White Season, is symbolic of the general state of apathy that Brink found pervasive in apartheid South Africa. It is against this generalized lack of concern for the dramatic repression of freedom that routinely takes place in the country that Ben Du Toit progressively reacts. The anonymous narrator who reconstructs Ben's life for the readers is implicated into this fight against apathy as are the readers themselves. The dry white season also refers to a period of both material and ideological losses, a period in which Ben has to reconstruct his own identity. The township of Soweto is another important symbol in the novel as it comes to represent and embody black resistance against apartheid. It is contrasted with the comfortable suburban life led by Ben before his involvement in the quest for truth in the Ngubenes' murders.


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