What are symbols in Native Speaker?

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Henry's position as a spy in Native Speaker symbolizes the experiences of American immigrants. Henry works at a firm that specializes in what he calls "ethnic coverage." First-generation Americans are hired to investigate immigrant communities that they still have ties to. As such, Henry is a spy in both settings, at work and at home. As an immigrant he has already played into the role of spy. He has to embody an American image, but not fully immerse himself, so that they do not question anything about him. Identity is also written into Henry and his wife as a form of symbolism. Henry is described as a multicultural person who has several identities yet is no one at all. He has only called his wife the Korean equivalent of 'ma'am' rather than her name, leaving her to question who she married. Henry has remained a mystery to the person closest to him. This can be attributed to the work he must do to remain partially in two worlds and never fully in one or the other. This balancing act...

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