What are the symbols in this story?

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Symbols are people, places, objects, or actions that represent abstract concepts. The most important symbol in "The Island at Noon" is the island itself. Because Xiros remains untouched by the tourist industry, it symbolizes nature in its pure form, and the indigenous people of Xiros represent a traditional way of life that exists in harmony with nature. As a flight attendant, Marini works inside airplanes, which are symbols of modern technology and the human drive to overcome the limitations of nature. Trapped within the confines of the pressurised cabin, Marini feels disconnected from the natural world and longs for the simpler life that the island of Xi appears to offer.  When Marini arrives on the island, he throws away his watch, an object that symbolizes the rigid, arbitrary schedule of his profession, which he is rejecting for a lifestyle that follows the natural rhythms of the days and seasons. However, the plane crash on the island is a symbol of modern technology intruding on the natural world that Marini idealizes, revealing that his attempt to escape his life is merely a fantasy.


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