What symbols and events highlight the Jewish marriage ceremony?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Within Judaism, marriage is considered a solemn religious ritual.

The wedding day is considered an equivalent of Yom Kippur and the groom wears a “kittel”, a  type of white robe that also serves as a burial shroud normally used on Yom Kippur. The whiteness of the garment signifies purity.

To symbolize bride and groom being like king and queen, the bride receives guests seated on a throne.

In Ashkenazi Judaism, the mothers of the bride and groom break a plate. This warns that just as a broken plate can’t be repaired, neither can broken marriages.

The wedding takes place under a chuppah (canopy) which symbolizes the home the couple will building.

After the wedding contract is read, the groom uses his foot to break a glass placed on the floor, symbolizing the obliteration of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE.