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What is the symbolism of the sun in the story "All Summer in a Day" by Rad Bradbury? Using quotes from the story for support would be great.

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As with most of Bradbury's works, the symbolism can be tied back to man's basic quest to figure out who he is and how to survive. Often the sun also symbolizes a promise of tomorrow or immortality in Bradbury's writings. 

In "All Summer in a Day " the sun symbolizes a reminder of who they all really are as humans. It symbolizes emotion, color, life and hope or the promise of tomorrow. The kids that lock Margot in the closet prior to the sun coming out seem incapable of empathy and devoid of any emotion that might represent the cruelty of their actions. Additionally, they are pale and colorless both in appearance and emotion. Only after experiencing the sun do they appear as though they might feel remorse for their actions and be able...

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I did not mean what sun symbolizes for the characters, but what does it symbolize outside of the story?

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