In "Fahrenheit 451," what is the symbolism of rain, trembling, and the color gray?

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According to the author of How to Read Literature Like a Professor, rain can either represent the character's inner mood and thoughts or it can symbolize a catharsis--a new beginning for that character.  When Montag is running for his life away from the hound and toward the literates who have memorized books for a future time, it is raining.  It probably is a little of both--Montag has lost his life as he knows it, his wife, and he has murdered his former boss.  He probably is a little depressed about all that despite the fact that he is now free.  The rain is also a catharsis for him--he has to be looking forward to a time when he can talk about the past and books he's read and his hopes for a future with books and freedom of thought/speech.

Trembling and the color gray are also signs of depression or inner turmoil. 


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