What is the symbolism of the fence in Fences?

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There’s already a lot of answers to this question that have been posted, so I’m going to try to focus on a few different ideas about the symbolic nature of fences in Fences.

The protagonist of Fences is Troy, a struggling pater familias. Troy’s name is an excellent, often overlooked allusion to fences. The walls of Troy, in The Iliad , are arguably the most famous fences in the history of mankind—fences that eventually came tumbling down, just as Troy’s own insecurities and struggles lead to his own breakdowns with his family. Troy the character is symbolic of the city of Troy. He holds out as...

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in my opinion, "fence" in fences plays symbolize of the obstacle in life. like a Bono's statement "some people build  fences to keep people out, and some people build fence to keep people in".. so i think that "fences" means if the obstacle could make people stuck in their problem and do 'nothing'.. while we also must be able to disengage from obstacle and struggle to solve the problem itself, so that we can find a happiness by our own way :)

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