The Egg Questions and Answers
by Sherwood Anderson

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What is the symbolism of found in "The Egg" by Sherwood Anderson?

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The egg in Sherwood Anderson's story is the object on which much of the symbolism in the story rests.

Eggs have a binary nature; they either produce a chick or are consumed as food by people. Anderson develops many binary oppositions in the story: success and failure, man and wife, farm and restaurant, country and town, the mother working days, the father working nights. The potential that an egg represents is symbolic of the potential of the various business models with which the father and mother pursue success. And the fundamental question is embraced by the whole family: chicken, or egg? Which will bring the family its fortune?

When they have found no success on their chicken farm, the family's move to their restaurant in town still revolves around eggs. They are cooked and consumed in the restaurant, and when that fails to impress their customers, the father turns to attempting to entertain with them.

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The short story, “The Egg ” by Sherwood Anderson is a humorous look at the life...

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the egg is the american dream the deformed chickens are the grotesques