Sorrow-Acre Questions and Answers
by Isak Dinesen

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What symbolism does the weather have in "Sorrow-Acre" in relevance to Adam and Anne-Marie?

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Izak Dinesen is the pen-name for Karen Bliksen (nee Dinesen) who is famous for her biography Out of Africa which was adapted by Kurt Luedtke and made into a movie that won Academy Awards (Oscars) in various categories.

"Sorrow-Acre," part of Dinesen's Winter's Tales, recognizes a mother's unconditional love for her son, encourages compassion, and recognizes the cruelty of the world and the huge sacrifice that is often required and which cannot be conceptualized because, as Adam says about Anne-Marie's efforts, it is "too sweet for words." The weather, in its own beauty, harshness, and complexity, is able to reinforce what the reader already knows: that sometimes a new start can only come after tragedy—in this case, Anne-Marie's death.  

Returning to his family (ancestral) home, Adam arrives in the summer. It is key that...

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