Tonight I Can Write Questions and Answers
by Pablo Neruda

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What symbolism did Pablo Neruda use in "Tonight I Can Write"?

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In the line "I kissed her again and again under the endless sky," the "endless sky" symbolizes the love that the speaker felt for this woman when he kissed her "again and again." At this moment, with this woman, the speaker's love felt boundless. Describing his loss of this woman, the speaker uses the symbol of "the immense night"—which represents a heavy, oppressive darkness—and also perhaps a sense of disorientation.

Later in the poem, the speaker says that his "heart looks for her." Here the speaker's heart acts as a symbol for his love. It is also personified as actively looking for the woman, and the implication is that his heart is sad and incomplete: wandering in vain to find its lost love.

The woman's eyes are referenced several times throughout the poem—in one instance as "her great still eyes" and on another as "Her infinite eyes." Eyes are often referred to as the "windows to the soul," so the woman's eyes here could symbolize the...

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