Daisy Miller Questions and Answers
by Henry James

Daisy Miller book cover
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What symbolic meaning does Daisy Miller's name have?

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The name Daisy Miller is not intended to be symbolic but rather to help characterize the heroine of the novel as a simple, naive young American girl who is visiting Old Europe for the first time in her life and is totally ignorant of the difference in cultures. A daisy is the simplest and most common type of flower. The name Miller suggests a humble background. There is money in the family, but it was earned through enterprise. The family is definitely nouveau riche and definitely American.  Daisy is in the habit of using the term "I guess," which was a way writers of the time characterized Americans. The name Daisy also suggests the great American outdoors and freedom, while the name Miller suggests the vast acres of grain covering the American prairie, grain that will be taken to the miller to be ground into flour.

Daisy lives up to her name. She begins to scandalize European women immediately by arranging to take a trip with Winterbourne to the famous Castle of Chillon, immortalized by...

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