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What is the symbolic meaning of the architecture of the Devon school in A Separate Peace

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Describing his return to Devon School, Gene Forester mentions that the school looks like a museum because it appears to have been covered with varnish in order to preserve it. Yet, like other such schools, Gene observes, it "emerged naturally from the town which had produced it"; and, the homes in this town are of Colonial, Victorian and Greek Revival architecture. The First Academic Building is Georgian as are others. This architecture style is imitative of buildings constructed during the reign of King George V of England.

In Chapter 8, Gene describes how the school has been rebuilt in a "peculiar style of Puritan grandeur" as if the dramatic splendor of the Versailles with its Baroque design "had been modified for the needs of a Sunday school":

This opulent sobriety betrayed the divided nature of the school....From the outside the buildings were reticent, severe straight lines of red brick or white clapboard with...shutters, and a few unassuming white cupolas... on the roofs...like...

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