What is the symbol of the pirates' lawlessness in Stevenson's novel Treasure Island?

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first response to this question might be the Jolly Roger (flag with skull and crossbones). Symbols are things or objects that represent a deeper meaning; so, bones and skulls on a black field sure allude to death and what pirates seemed to represent. When any army or nation flies a flag, there is a definite meaning behind the colors and designs presented so that friend or foe can understand what the bearers stand for. On the other hand, the wordpiratemeans lawlessness! The Greek form (base form) of the wordPeiranmeans attack(er). Take into account also the deeds of a pirate and you have your definition and example of lawlessness; but this answer, it can either be the pirate flag or even the name by which they are called.

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