What are four events that foreshadow Sydney Carton's saving the life of Charles Darnay in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?

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In his novel that is replete with doubles, Charles Dickens frequently foreshadows the switch of Sydney Carton for Charles Darnay at the end of the narrative. This foreshadowing occurs in the development of different instances throughout the narrative.

Here are four such instances:

1. In Chapter 3 of Book the Second, Charles Darnay stands before the London court charged with treason for having spoken against King George on the Dover coach. A witness named John Barsad cannot positively identify Darnay because he is unable to distinguish Darnay from the barrister, Sydney Carton, who is sitting at the prosecutor's table. After having asked Barsad to look at both Carton and Darnay, the Attorney-General Stryver asks him,"How say you? Are they very much alike?" When the witness has to admit that they are, indeed, too much alike for him to make a positive identification of one, Stryver is then able to discredit all to which the witness has attested.
The fact that these two men are indistinguishable...

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