What is suspense in literature?  What are the significances of suspense in a literary work?

kc4u | Student

Aristotle referred to suspense as an element of drama; it is an element of uncertainty, anxiety, excitement producing a situation which breathes something untoward or ominous to happen. You can find suspense in a novel or a short story or a film. Haven't you felt such an uncertainty & tension in a crime-thriller, or an Alfred Hitchcock movie? Suspense inherent in a situation enhances the interest of the plot & contributes to the atmosphere..You may recall the way Lady Macbeth behaved in the scene of Duncan's murder when Macbeth had gone to Duncan's bed-chamber..She was in a tearing suspense and her words & gestures produced great suspense in the spectators. Gothic Romances, detective stories, spy/crime thrillers, horror films etc. deal with suspense in various modes.