What is the suspense in chapter 7 of "The Giver"? How did the author build suspense in this chapter?

Expert Answers
slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter seven the children are at a ceremony that the community holds every year to signify each group of children's age advancement. Each year, the children gain more responsibility and celebrate being another year older. Jonas and the rest of the "Twelves" are participating in this ceremony for the last time, as they are assigned to career positions in the community. All of them are nervous and excited about what their placement might be, and this begins the suspense in the chapter. As they go down the line and state placements, they finally get to Jonas, but his name is not called. Jonas has been skipped over. This causes much anxiety, as the community does not make mistakes like this. This is the greatest cause of suspense in chapter 7. Jonas sits there, humiliated and embarrassed, as he cannot imagine what he has done wrong in order to be singled out in such a way.