What surprise did Eddie bring to the house for Bud?

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Bud comes to live with his father, Herman's band mates.  At first, Herman is reluctant to get to know his son. However, the other members of the band welcome Bud with open arms.  Steady Eddie, one band member, gives Bud a saxophone case and a saxophone to practice with:

"This is my old alto saxophone case, I've been hanging on to it for three years now, ever since the horn got stole right off the stage in Saginaw, but it doesn't look like I'm ever gonna get it back, so I figured you might as well keep your momma's things in it."

"I started pulling newspapers off and could tell that their gift was real heavy. All of a sudden a shiny piece of gold showed through. I snatched more paper off and couldn't believe my eyes! The Dusky Devastators of the Depression had put their money together had had bought me a baby-size horn like Steady Eddie's saxophone!"


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