What are the sure signs of dyslexia?I think I might have it but would like to be sure. Can anyone help?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Dyslexia refers to a mental condition in which the brain is unable to understand written material. It may be caused by abnormal development of the brain of a baby during pregnancy.

Dyslexia is marked by child's inability to distinguish right from left. This may be visible in child's tendency to mix up between pair of word like was and saw, with one word being spelt as reverse of the other. The child may also confuse between words such as b, d, and p. Dyslectic children may also suffer from muscular disorder problem, This may become apparent in their inability to perform simple tasks lie tying shoe laces. Such children may also be unable to do perform simple tasks like catching a ball thrown at them, which involves judgement of time, speed and space.

feldmcr | Student

Dyslexic kids can have trouble in a number of academic areas- not just reading.  It is not all about letter and number reversals as many people think.  Early reading activity happens in the front areas of the brain and then moves to the left side as the reader matures in their ability to decode and make sense of written material.  For a person with dyslexia- the transition doesn't happen correctly and the front of the brain continues to work inefficiently at decoding.  Often those with dyslexia were late talkers as a toddler and don't have a good sense of the rhythm of our language- (they aren't very good at rhyming activities- ie. they don't get that cat, fat, rat are all going to sound alike because of the at phonogram.)  They are also often the kid that comes tearing into the house yelling, "Mom, mom.........I forgot......"  The brain has just not built the pathways needed to process language efficiently.

The good news is that the brain can be retrained and the correct neural pathways can be built.  It is not easy for an older learner- but it can be done.  If you think you have dyslexia find someone who understands dyslexia and knows how to work with you.  A regular tutor is fine- but you are never going to hit the root of the problem.  You need someone who is trained in a multisensory approach to phonemic awareness and phonics instruction such as Linda Mood Bell or Orton Gillingham.  Starting back at the beginning builds and strengthens the pathways needed for decoding within the brain.

I would also suggest getting testing done by an educational therapist.  Dyslexia can manifest itself in a variety of ways that may not be in the traditional form of letter reversals. Testing not only lets you know where you are at and where the holes are, but it opens the door for a 504 educational plan which provides accomodations for you for assignments and/or testing- for life!  Or an IEP which would provide additional instructional support.

Dyslexia is a war you can win!  Good luck.

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