What support system may help teenager drug or alcohol users?LIKE SOME SOCIAL PROGRAM CAN HELP THEM STOP USING DRUG OR ALCOHOL

Expert Answers
catd1115 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most important support system for a teen using drugs and alcohol is their family and friends. The most effective interventions in this area are by people they love and trust. Teachers, social workers, and outside agencies can be of great assistance, but ultimately any person struggling with use and abuse has to trust the person who is trying to help them, and they have to want to get help. If you are trying to help a teen out a using situation, first reach out to the social system they already have. Have a clear plan to help them, which may include rehab or counseling. These are available through doctors and insurance but also through churches and government agencies. Again, a teen struggling with use or abuse needs to have someone they love supporting them, so they can begin the process of getting better. Find out who they trust and enlist that person. Now create an appropriate plan based on what type of drugs or alcohol they are using and how severe the abuse is. Counseling is always an important first step, but don't hesitate to seek out more extreme resources to end the abuse.