What is the supernatural machinery in "The Rape of the Lock" and significance of it?  significance will be related to the super natural machinery

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"machinary" according to Pope designates the part that deities , demons and angels  play  in   a poem. The supernatural machinary of Rape of the Lock is based on the rosicrucian doctrine that the four elements of earth are inhabited by sylphs,nymphs ,gnomes and salamander. The sylphs or the airy creatures protect beautiful maidens from harm. the gnomes or the spirits of earth teach the maidens to blush at the sight of fashionable men. women who are gentle become nymph after their death and the violent tempered women become salamanders or the spirit of fire.

In famous epics, the machinary consists of gods and angels.they  play a vital role in the poems. therefore the mock epic would be incomplete without a machinary.

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