What Sunday School story does Gypsy recall? Who does Gypsy think might be Jesus in disguise?

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Gypsy remembers that Miss Compton told her in Sunday School that Jesus could come in disguise. He might not show up looking like the Jesus that people expected but rather come in the guise of someone less fortunate. For example, he might be injured, ill, or stricken with poverty. This was partially a lesson about how to treat people. Miss Compton reminded them that he could be old, ugly, or dressed in rags. None of that matters, though. If you treat everyone with respect and love, then you don't risk accidentally hurting Jesus when you don't realize it was him.

Gypsy remembers this lesson during a day that she and Woodrow spend with Blind Benny. He's a local man who isn't able to see; he often scares her before they spend the day together. He's known for singing, rummaging through people's trash, and talking to the dogs. People mocked him and so he stopped coming out during the day. He's the one who makes Gypsy think of the story of Jesus; he's just the kind of person that Miss Compton described. Gypsy learns to treat him with kindness and caring, and Woodrow says that he's the only person that can see with perfect clarity because he doesn't judge based on appearances.

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