Please summarize chapters 12 and 13 of Pride and Prejudice.

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Chapter 12 marks the conclusion of Jane and Elizabeth's stay at Netherfield Park the residence of Bingley and their subsequent return to their home at Longbourn. Elizabeth and Jane want to go home, but their mother won't send the carriage because she wants Jane to spend as much time at Netherfield as possible. Despite their mother's insistence that they remain there, Elizabeth knows that they're overstaying their welcome. At Elizabeth's insistence Bingley arranges for his carriage to take them home the next day:

On Sunday, after morning service, the separation, so agreeable to almost all, took place.

At Longbourn Mrs. Bennet is annoyed to see that the girls returned home earlier than she wanted them to, but Mr. Bennet is glad to see them:

But their father, though very laconic in his expressions of pleasure, was really glad to see them; he had felt their importance in the family circle. The evening conversation, when they were all assembled, had lost much of its animation, and almost all its sense, by the absence of Jane and Elizabeth.


In Ch.13 Mr. Bennet announces the arrival of his cousin Mr. Collins. Mr. Bennet reads out Mr. Collins' letter and announces that his cousin is coming to introduce himself and stay with them for more than a week. Mr. Collins is the relative who will inherit Longbourn when Mr. Bennet dies because he is the closest male descendant Mr. Bennet has. Mrs.Bennet suspects that Mr. Collins is only coming to check out his future inheritance, so she is not happy to hear about his visit:

`Ah! sir, I do indeed. It is a grievous affair to my poor girls, you must confess. Not that I mean to find fault with you, for such things, I know, are all chance in this world. There is no knowing how estates will go when once they come to be entailed.''

When Mr. Collins arrives, his family finds that he is a tiresome preacher who thinks very highly of himself and constantly heaps compliments on Mrs. Bennet and her daughters to the point of groveling. Elizabeth doesn't like him much because he is long-winded and conceited. Her father is amused by the man's lack of real intelligence and his constant groveling compliments and apologies that last for hours.

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Chapter 12

this chapter ends the first stage in the growth of the two love affairs.Jane and Bingley have found each other highly congenial.Bingley is disappointed that Jane is to leave and tries to persuade her that it is not safe for her to travel.On the other hand Darcy is a person who approves of slowness,thought,concentration,deliberation-in his handwriting and in his love affairs:circumstances have been too pat,too contrived perhaps,to satisfy him.i think he believes that he needs time to recover,ponder analyse his relation with Elizabeth;hence he welcomes the separation from her.he avoids her.Miss Bingley is noticeably more civil at their departure though she is actually happy to see Elizabeth leave.

Chapter 13

Mr. Bennet informs his wife that they are to have a guest to dinner.Mrs.Bennet wants the person to be Mr. Bingley but her hopes are shattered.This chapter presents the letter from Mr.Collins which prepares one to dislike the man even before he arrives.Elizabeth at once determines from the letter that the man is "very pompous...a mixture of servility and self importance".This is exactly what he proves to be.This suggests Elizabeth's great perceptive ability with every situation except in her relation with Darcy.Mr.Collins lacks any real strength of character and his effusive compliments to the Bennet girls is a forwarning of his real purpose for visiting.

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