Freak the Mighty Questions and Answers
by Rodman Philbrick

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What is the summary of chapter 17-18 in Freak the Mighty?

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Chapter 17 begins with Iggy taking Kenny and Max down an alley to a different apartment. We know it doesn't belong to Iggy because he tells Kenny that it belongs to some old woman that is always off visiting her sister.

Iggy leaves after showing this apartment to Kenny and his son, at which point Kenny makes Max sit down in a chair so they can talk things over. To make sure Max doesn't run away, Kenny ties Max to the chair and then ties the same rope around his own waist so he'll be able to feel tugging if Max tries to get out of the ropes.

The two of them fall asleep, but Max is soon woken up by his dad because Kenny wants to assure him once again that he never killed anyone. He asks Max if his grandparents ever gave him the gifts or letters Kenny sent him. When Max says he didn't, Kenny goes on about how the grandparents hate him and blame him for everything just because they don't think Kenny was good enough for their daughter. Talking about the grandparents seems to set Kenny off, and he proceeds to talk about all the bad things that have happened to him, calling these events "injustices" because- he swears to Max- he never killed Max's mother. Kenny eventually goes back to sleep, but Max stays awake for a while trying not to think about anything.

The next day, Loretta comes over with some pizza, but Kenny tells her to leave and send Iggy. Loretta sees that Max is tied up, but she leaves without saying anything.

At this point, Kenny decides to tell Max of his plans to get a bunch of money so they can get out of their and "live like kings." He explains his plan to get a bus and trael all over the place, pretending to be a reverend who had a hard life but finally saw the error of his ways and became a changed man. He thinks there will be plenty of suckers out there who will give him their money because they think he's a redeemed man of God. As he is telling all of this to Max, a police car suddenly drives by the apartment, causing the edgy Kenny to grab Max and drag him to the ground.

When the car eventually goes away, Iggy walks in and tells Kenny the cops were definitely there looking for Max because Freak, or "that crippled midget kid," as Iggy calls him, told the cops this is where Kenny would take Max.

Kenny tried to figure out how to escape, and eventually he tells Iggy to get him a gun and a getaway car. Iggy gives a strange, significant look at Max, but just like Loretta he doesn't say anything before leaving.

For a few more details about these chapters, as well as more chapter summaries and information about Freak the Mighty, you can refer to the link I have posted below.

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