Can you provide a summary of Wyss's The Swiss Family Robinson?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Swiss Family Robinson is a tale of shipwreck and adventure that begins when a family aboard a ship is caught in a storm and driven aground on a reef. The other passengers are all lost and the family eventually gathers what they can and makes their way to the island.

They struggle to survive with all the various dangers and difficulties on the island but eventually carve a stable existence out of the jungle and build a home for themselves that allows them to enjoy the solitude and the time they have together. They are a pious family and often thank God for the good fortune they've had in surviving and being able to craft a living out of what they have. The family consists of a father and mother and four boys, Fritz, Ernest, Jack and Francis.

Eventually they find another girl who was caught in a cave on the island and she is adopted by the family. A ship that nears the island is willing to carry a message to her parents and when they return to rescue her, Fritz and Ernest go back with her to seek their fortune. The family remains on the island knowing that they will very likely soon have company and that a colony may be established.

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