What is a summary of The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kit Tyler is met with suspicion as soon as she arrives in Connecticut in the later 1600s at the age of sixteen.  Kit Tyler has been forced into exile from her home that she loves, Barbados, to join a family she doesn't even know in the remote colonies of New England.  At this point she is on the verge of desperation and loneliness.

Kit Tyler wants to belong, but she also wants to be true to herself and to her home country.  Kit Tyler finds New England to be a hostile environment from the moment she sets foot on Connecticut soil.  Just before she gives up hope, she befriends Hanna Tupper.  Unfortunately, Hanna Tupper has been branded as a witch by the townspeople.  To whom should Kit Tyler be loyal?  To the hostile townspeople?  To her new friend?

Eventually, Kit Tyler is forced to choose.  When some people in the town get sick, Hanna Tupper is accused.  When Kit Tyler defends her, she is also tried as a witch.  Kit Tyler is eventually freed after the testimony by a very brave little girl (who Kit was teaching to read).  Kit Tyler, although never fully accepted, is ready to live her life as she chooses.  Even a proposal from Nat Eaton is in her future.

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