What is a quick summary of Chapter VI of The Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene du Bois?

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Chapter VI of The Twenty-One Balloons (Dubois), is entitled "The Gourmet Government."  In this chapter, Professor Sherman wakes up in comfort in a canopied bed in a beautifully furnished room in the home of the F family. As he and Mr. F. leave the house to go to breakfast, he notices that everything in the house inside and outside is French.  He observes other homes with national "themes," for example, one American, one British, one Chinese, and one Dutch.  Mr F. and Professor Sherman enter the British house, where Mr. F. introduces him to the dozens of people who are also there for breakfast.  Professor Sherman is greeted and applauded, and while breakfast proceeds, Mr. F. tells the story of how all of these people came to be on a volcanic island filled with diamonds. 

Eight years previously, a shipwrecked sailor, now known as Mr. M., landed on Krakatoa, and trying to stay away from the mountainous area, once he realized it held an active volcano, stumbled into the jungle and...

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