Tuck Everlasting Questions and Answers
by Natalie Babbitt

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What is the summary for Tuck Everlasting epilogue, and what does the term "epilogue" mean?

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An epilogue is a section of a book that is found at the end that brings closure to the story. In the epilogue of this novel, the Tucks return to Treegap decades after Mae escaped from jail. They find everything has changed, and even the Oak tree and the spring are gone, bulldozed over by the modern town. Tuck visits the cemetery and finds Winnie's grave. He realizes that Winnie made the choice to live her life naturally, and not drink from the spring, and he is proud of her for making that decision, even as he tries not to cry at the realization that Winnie has died. However, as they leave, they pass a toad in the road, the same toad that Winnie poured the magic water over. In some way, Winnie left an impact that will live on.

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