What is a summary of the third part in the book Fahrenheit 451? Third Part Review of Fahrenheit 451.

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As part III opens, Beatty and Montag arrive at Montag's house, which has been reported as harboring books. Beatty orders Montag to burn his own house, after which he will be under arrest for owning books. Montag learns that a frightened Mildred betrayed him and contacted the firemen.

Montag burns his house. Afterwards, as Beatty taunts him, Montag turns the fire hose on Beatty and kills him. Then, with Faber speaking to him through the mechanical sea shell in his ear, Montag evades the Mechanical Dog and the search helicopters that are out to destroy him.

After a long chase, Montag escapes, so his death is faked for the television cameras. Outside of the city limits, by the river, Montag meets up with Granger and other men who have embarked on the project of memorizing entire books. A nuclear attack destroys the city Montag has recently escaped. Granger, Montag, and the others now have the task of using their knowledge to try to rebuild a better society.

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A summary of that section of the novel is found in the Summary section of the enotes study guide to the book:


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