What is the summary of The Thief Lord Chapters 19-35? Just the key points...

gracious15 | Student

13:Victor watches Prosper go with two friends into the Basilica. Bo stays behind with the girl and the spiky-haired boy. Victor knows he could run in and grab Bo, but he worries that the crowd might think he is a kidnapper and pounce on him if Bo or his friends screamed. Also, when he thinks it over, he realizes that he cannot bring himself to snatch the little boy away from his brother so cruelly. Prosper clearly cares about Bo, so Victor resolves to handle the situation in a more delicate way—gathering information first and biding his time before capturing the boys.


Scipio swears at Bo for not waiting by the fountain as he was told. Bo, who is still hurt about being excluded from the meeting with the Conte, says that he got bored. Hornet tries to make peace. She claims that Bo was in sight the whole time, so nothing bad could have happened to him.Like Bo, Riccio and Hornet still feel bad about being left to wait outside during the meeting in the church. They listen only halfheartedly as Mosca and Scipio relate some of the details of their encounter. 


Victor watches the door to the little shop and notes when the black boy, the girl, and the spiky-haired boy all come out and walk in opposite directions. Then another boy, a dark-eyed child, comes out. It takes Victor a moment to place the group’s leader without his mask. Nervously, Victor glances back at the window of the shop, where Prosper and Bo are still looking at the junk on the shelves.Victor is unsure what is going on, but he tells himself that the children cannot know he is watching. He has changed his disguise.