What is a summary and theme for the book The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks?

Expert Answers
amtavares eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The theme of The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks is not to take your loved one/ones for granted.  You need to work to keep relationships alive and healthy.  People need to feel appreciated and loved to maintain their own feelings of self worth.

The novel is about a married couple, Wilson and Jane. When Wilson forgets their 29th wedding anniversary, Jane has finally reached her breaking point, causing Wilson to re-examine his relationship with his wife and what it has become.  They have grown apart through under appreciation on Wilson's part.  With help from his father-in-law, the famed Noah Calhoun from The Notebook, Wilson manages to re-create their wedding as a surprise for Jane.  Jane does not find out his intentions until the absolute last second, as Wilson disguises the wedding as his daughters'.  Through this scenario, Wilson learns to become the man Jane deserves and earns her love and trust back.