What is a summary of the tenth story from The Heptameron by Marguerite de Navaree?

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A noble young man named Amadour falls in love with Florida, daughter of the Countess of Aranda. He has no hope of marrying her because of her higher social standing, but he is unable to forget about her either. To see Florida more often, he marries her friend Aventurada and so is admitted to the Countess of Aranda’s house.

He finds out that Florida loves the son of the Fortunate Infante. To spend more time with her, he listens to her stories about the man she is enamored with, concealing his own feelings. But one day, he confesses his love to her. He does not want any reward for his devotion. He just wants to keep their friendship and serve her all his life. For appearance's sake, Amadour begins courting a lady named Paulina. Amadour then goes to war, and his wife Aventurada remains with Florida.

Amadour is taken captive. His only joy are Florida’s letters. But her mother decides to marry her off to the Duke of Cardona, and Florida obeys her will. The son of the Fortunate Infante...

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