What is the summary of Tea Cake's character in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Vergible Woods, better known as Tea Cake in Their Eyes Were Watching God, is Janie's third husband and the man who teaches Janie what it like to really be a part of a community.  Janie's previous two husbands, Logan Killicks and Joe Starks, both repressed Janie and did not allow her to be herself in front of others.  Tea Cake, on the other hand, welcomes Janie into his way of life.  In Eatonville, Janie was well respected as a shop owner, so Tea Cake is not sure that she will like the agricultural life that he leads.  However, when Janie says that she is willing and wanting to learn, he teaches her how to fit into the community.  Tea Cake is a gentle man, and he openly expresses his love for Janie.  Ironically, he tries to kill Janie near the end of the novel after he is bitten by a rabid dog while trying to save Janie's life, and she is forced to shoot him to save herself and put Tea Cake out of his misery.

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