What is the summary of "Street Pharm" by Allison van Diepen?

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jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tyrone, or Ty, Johnson, the seventeen-year-old protagonist of the novel Street Pharm, is a drug dealer who attends Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn. Though his mom wants him to finish high school, Ty decides to emulate his dad, a hustler. Ty is joined in his drug dealing by his best friend, Sonny. Ty finds little use in school and says, "By the time I was fourteen, I knew school wasn't gonna be nothing but a place of business" (page 8). He lies to his mother about what he is doing, but he eventually gets kicked out of high school and has to attend an alternative school called Chancellor. 

There, he meets a single mother named Alyse, who interests him in a way other women haven't. He doesn't tell Alyse at first about his drug dealing because he knows she won't like it. After a rival drug dealer named Darkman tries to kill Ty over a turf war, Alyse finds out about Ty's doings. Darkman is eventually killed, and Ty decides to return to school. When Sonny tries to meet up with a new supplier, he is killed while Ty is at a meting with the principal at Chancellor. In the end, Ty resolves to get out of his dad's business and go back to school and reconcile with Alyse. 

thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Street Pharm by Allison Van Diepen tells a story about Ty Johnson, a teenager who takes over his father’s drug business after he gets locked up. The young man was so intrigued by the drug money he made but all this came at a cost. The business exposed him to mortal danger as seen when he was shot but survived during a drive-by shooting. At some point in the story Ty’s very good friend Sonny dies because of the drug business. He was also kicked out of school because he lacked concentration and failed his exams. Ty met a lady he was interested in, Alyse, who was a single mom. Their relationship did not last long because of the business he was in and Alyse’s aspirations to become a prosecutor (which she does become at the end). However, towards the end of the story Ty realized that the drug business, in spite of the money it generated, was a venture in futility that ends in death or major losses. He decided to get his life together by going back to school and getting back together with the girl he loved.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The book Street Pharm by Allison Van Diepen is a chronicle of the life of a 17 year old drug dealer named Ty Johnson. Ty has taken up his father’s drug dealing business (when his father is sent to prison), but since a young boy, that is what he has wanted to do. He has little interest in what there is to learn in school, as he sees survival in the streets as a more valuable tool. Ty likes the drug trade and the easy money that comes with it, but he begins to realize there might be choices he has to make when he meets and becomes interested in a Alyse young, single mother. Neither she or Ty’s mom know what he does, and they both encourage him to stay in school and get his diploma. Ty is forced with a crucial life altering choice when a rival gang comes in to steal the drug trade--does he stick with the family business and an uncertain future, or does he reach for something more through education and his relationship with Alyse?

razhed | Student

Street Pharm is a story of teenager 'Tyrone Johnson aka Ty'.

He's not a believer of 'School Education' and was willing to get on the streets. The situation favoured him when his father, a kingpin drug dealer got jailed. Now, Tyrone Johnson becomes 'Ty' a smarter drug dealer and did what he always wanted to - 'Run the Streets'. But ty's mother isn't aware of his involvement in drug dealing.

To put it simply, he is a smart drug supplier to the world; a high school student to his mother.

When everything seems smooth, he got stumbled by a true love and a business rival (who's trying to kill him). 

So, what he's gonna do? Take a step back and start his life as 'a decent man with his lover' or continue to 'live as a gangster'