What is a summary of the story "Mom Luby and the Social Worker" by Kristin Hunter?

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Kristin Hunter's short story "Mom Luby and the Social Worker" examines a day in the life of Mom Luby, an elderly woman who is caring for two children--Elijah and Puddin'--while simultaneously operating a Prohibition-era speakeasy out of the back of her house. The tale opens with Mom Luby seeking financial assistance from the Social Welfare office so that she may better provide for her foster children; this request prompts a home visit from a social worker named Miss Rushmore who has been tasked with evaluating the living conditions of Elijah and Puddin'. 

Although Miss Rushmore has her doubts about Mom Luby, she provides her with instructions on the lengthy process of applying to receive assistance, particularly for new clothing for the children. Mom Luby claims that she does not have enough time to go through such a process and winds up proving this fact to Miss Rushmore by bringing her along on her errands. At the end of this two hour time period, Miss Rushmore is exhausted and realizes that Mom Luby has accomplished far more in two hours that Miss Rushmore has accomplished in two years. The ironic twist of the ending involves Mom Luby suggesting that the Social Welfare office should hire her due to her productivity, but Miss Rushmore protesting that Mom Luby is not qualified for such a position. 

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"Mom Luby and the Social Worker" tells the story of an elderly woman named Mom Luby who runs a speakeasy in the Prohibition era and fosters two young children, Elijah and Puddin'. A social worker, Miss Rushmore, visits one day to check on the conditions of the foster home. She requests that Mom Luby fill out forms and asks when she buys clothing for her children. In response, Mom Luby lists off the chores she does each day to explain to Miss Rushmore why she hadn't had time to pick up clothing. The list is so long that Miss Rushmore doesn't believe her, so she asks to accompany Mom Luby on her errands. The two leave and return two hours later, with Miss Rushmore shocked at how much Mom Luby accomplished in that period of time. Miss Rushmore then concludes that Mom Luby does not need further examination or assistance because her level of productivity shows she is a successful foster parent.

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