What is a summary of Stolen by Lucy Christopher?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stolen is a story of both kidnapping and redemption. Its protagonist is Gemma, a teen who is kidnapped by her stalker and taken to live in the Australian outback.

As a vagrant and an orphan, Ty heads to England to try and find his mother. There he meets Gemma and is amazed by this young girl’s lack of fear. This begins Ty’s stalking of Gemma which lasts six years. At the beginning of the story, the teenage Gemma is at the airport in Bangkok waiting to go on vacation with her parents. When she steps away to have coffee, Gemma notices Ty who seems familiar to Gemma. Ty drugs Gemma’s coffee and she winds up in the Australian Outback with him.

Ty is strong and easily overpowers the weak Gemma. Gemma begins to memorize Ty’s schedule so that she can escape, but Ty warns her that she would never live for long in the Outback. At one point, Gemma tries to see the art of the desert landscape that Ty is working on in the outbuilding and, during their struggle, damages the art. Ty lets her escape at this point, but fences Gemma in as she tries to brave the cold of the night desert.

Gemma makes another attempt at escape when she finds a large needle in an old sewing machine. She threatens Ty, takes Ty’s car, and drives towards some dunes. The escape was pointless, however. Gemma ends up with heat stroke and Ty has to save her. Both Ty and Gemma get closer as the time goes on. Gemma is eventually bitten by a poisonous snake, and Ty decides to save Gemma. She ends up at a hospital and is reunited with her parents.

Ty is eventually imprisoned and put on trial, but the book ends before we see Gemma testify. She struggles with how to handle the whole thing. She ends up deciding that she can’t “save” Ty by lying about him. We see by the end that Gemma has grown to care about her kidnapper.

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