What is the summary for Still Life with Woodpecker?

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Princess Leigh-Cheri is depressed, having just been dumped by her boyfriend. She feels alienated from her family, and has no friends except the housemaid. She decides to attend a radical progressive conference in Hawaii. There, the Princess meets bomber and self-proclaimed outlaw Mickey Bernard. Bernard calls himself Woodlecker, a nickname referring to his bright red hair.

The two fall in love at the conference. They discuss complex social issues such as politics, revolution, and religion. They also share many intimate moments in the lush environment of the Hawaiin islands.

Eventually however, Woodpecker gets in trouble with the law. The two become estranged from one another and Leigh-Cheri allows herself to be married off to a Prince. Several months after Leigh-Cheri's engagement with the Prince, Woodlecker escapes prison and finds his way back to her. Their reunion turns tragic when the two become trapped in a pyramid observatory.

For a while, they live off the champagne and cake that was being stored in the observatory. When the delicacies run out, they finally accept the fact that they won't be rescued, and that their death is unavoidable. Leigh-Cheri decides to use one of Woodpecker's bombs to blow up the place. Her hope is that at least Woodpecker will survive. Miraculously, both Princess and Woodoecker survive. They retreat to a large home in Seattle and live out the rest of their days happily. 

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