Split Cherry Tree Questions and Answers
by Jesse Stuart

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What is the summary of the Jesse Stuart short story, "Split Cherry Tree"?  

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    "Split Cherry Tree" is a fine, old fashioned short story by the Kentucky writer Jesse Stuart. It tells the story of Dave Sexton, who climbs and badly damages a cherry tree on private property during a school field trip and learns a lesson about responsibility and finances. The teacher, Professor Herbert, agrees to make restitution to the owner, but Dave must stay after school and work off the debt.
    When Dave shows up late for his own chores, his extremely strict and old school father, Luster, decides to visit the schoolmaster himself--armed with a gun. Luster believes modern school science is a waste of time and that

"A bullet will make a hole in a schoolteacher same as it will anybody else.”

However, Professor Herbert has a few academic tricks up his sleeve, and even old Luster learns from the lesson he receives on his visit to school.



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