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Please summarize "A Special Occasion" by Joyce Cary.

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In Irish author Joyce Cary's "A Special Occasion," a little boy (Tom) is in his nursery—a playroom for children of the upper classes. We can assume that he comes from a wealthy home: not only because he has a nanny, but also because he is dressed in very nice clothes. He is described as...

... a dark little boy, aged five, also in a party suit, blue linen knickers, and a silk shirt...

The nanny shows a little girl into the nursery that is also dressed up—in a silk party dress. The little boy pays close attention to his guest for a moment:

Tom, having stared at the girl for a long time as one would study a curiosity, rare and valuable, but extremely surprising, put his feet together, made three jumps forward and said, "Hullo."

The little girl (later identified as Jenny) returns his greeting. As the children come together, they seem to associate in an unusual manner—at least from an adult's standpoint. The little boy runs around the room, hollers ("twanky tweedle") and then sits down to...

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